Hawk Mountain: The World’s First Raptor Sanctuary

Jim Wright with Kevin Watson (photographs) and Deborah Edge (foreword)

  • Hawk Mountain: The World’s First Raptor Sanctuary

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Pages 128 pages with 140 photographs
Size 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN 978-1-933822-12-9
Tags Animals, Nature, Photography
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  • Hawk Mountain: The World’s First Raptor Sanctuary
It may have started as the world's first raptor sanctuary. But its greatest legacy might be as a sanctuary for the human soul.
Pete Dunne, New Jersey Audubon Society

Hawk Mountain is the literary equivalent of a brisk autumn hike on the Sanctuary's trail and a visual treat as soothing as the view from the North Lookout.
Clay and Pat Sutton, authors of How to Spot Hawks and Eagles


Hawk Mountain: The World’s First Raptor Sanctuary is a full-color celebration of the birthplace of raptor conservation located along the Appalachian Flyway in east-central Pennsylvania. To commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of its founding in 1934, informative text and joyous photography come together to enlighten and envelop us in the majesty of the mountain and the raptors that frequent it.

Experience the sense of wonder looking out on the vast and exhilarating views from Hawk Mountain’s North Lookout, the front of hawk-migration research and home to one of the world’s greatest natural air shows, as raptors migrate past Hawk Mountain each fall and can be seen in these pages again and again any time of year.


About the Authors 

Jim Wright is the author of In the Presence of Nature.


Photographer Kevin Watson, has lectured and presented photo essays on the birds and wildlife of New Jersey, Manitoba, Belize, Costa Rica and Ecuador.


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