In The Presence of Nature: The Celery Farm Natural Area Allendale, New Jersey

Jim Wright with Jerry Barrack (photographs) and David Allen Sibley (foreword)

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Type Hardcover
Vendor Camino Books, Inc.
Pages 128 pages with 136 photographs
Size 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN 978-0-940159-75-4
Tags Animals, Nature, New Jersey, Photography
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Spectacular pictures ... show the diversity of plant and animal life that still exists.
The New York Times


There is nary a photo in the bunch that isn’t suitable for framing. And Wright’s descriptions of this unspoiled ... oasis in northern New Jersey [are] bound to captivate.
The Record


In the middle of northern New Jersey, one of the most densely populated and heavily developed areas in the nation, lies an oasis. Just miles from New York City, mere feet from major roadways, more than 100 acres of open space known as the Celery Farm Natural Area provide a refuge for an astounding variety of wildlife—from herons, ducks, minks and foxes to dozens of species of flowers and plants. 

In the Presence of Nature presents a stunning collection of photographs of the Celery Farm’s inhabitants, pictured at all times of day and in every season of the year. The accompanying text details the genesis of this “small slice of Eden” and the efforts of those who fought to save the land from the onslaught of development. The gorgeous images will transport the reader to a natural haven as they present the majesty and exceptional beauty of this very special place.


About the Authors

Jerry Barrack, a prize-winning photographer, has been photographing the Celery Farm for a dozen years—at all times of day, and all times of year.

Jim Wright, the deputy editorial page editor of The Record, specializes in environmental topics. He lives next to the Celery Farm.

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