The Banana Split Book: Everything There Is to Know about America's Greatest Dessert

Michael Turback

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Type Trade paper
Vendor Camino Books
Pages 176 pages with 53 photographs,
Size 6" x 9"
ISBN 0-940159-83-X
Tags Cooking/Wine
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No, that's just a book in my pocket ... but I am happy to see it! This is exactly what a banana split book should be: great, lighthearted reading and great, lighthearted fun.
David Rosengarten, editor-in-chief, The Rosengarten Report

A deliciously tempting bookside-splitting in more ways than one!!

Soupy Sales, legendary "Top Banana"


Michael Turback trains a connoisseur’s eye on the origins of the Banana Split and its status in the social chronicle of an entire century. In this surprising and entertaining book, the award-winning author offers fascinating facts, astounding trivia and fabulous formulas for what he calls “the Liberace of desserts.” He casts a wide net to collect over 150 versions of the heterogeneous dessert—ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again.

“The Banana Split is not only American by birth,” says Turback. “It also reflects our genius for invention, passion for indulgence, and reputation for wackiness. It's like no other dessert in the world—a grand idea that could only be conceived in a place as grand as America.”


About the Author

Michael Turback is an accomplished restaurateur, food writer, wine judge, online retailer and marketing consultant based in Ithaca, New York. His first book, A Month of Sundaes, brought him instant recognition as one of the countrys leading authorities on ice cream history. He has traveled around the world in his endless quest for the perfect Banana Split.

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