We Made A Difference: My Personal Journey with Women Strike for Peace

Ethel Barol Taylor

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Ethel Taylors story provides a unique perspective on four turbulent decades.
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Women Strike for Peace was formed in 1961 when wives and mothers, angered by legislators seeming indifference to the damaging effects of nuclear development and testing on the health and safety of children, descended upon their representatives offices, government buildings and the White House to demonstrate their unwillingness to let government policymakers go unchallenged. Fighting to have a voice in the male-dominated arena of political and military policy, these women soon found themselves testifying before congressional committees, organizing peace conferences, and even becoming targets of surveillance by the FBI and the CIA.

When they shifted the focus of their protest to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, their efforts to promote peace ascended to the international level. Through her personal reminiscences of her involvement with WSP, the groups national coordinator reveals the drama and humor, setbacks and triumphs, of a grassroots organization that was determined to make a difference—and proves that WSPs message is still very relevant, and one that the world cannot afford to ignore.



About the Author

Ethel Barol Taylor has been a leader of the peace movement since the end of World War II. She was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the International Womens Year Commission and is the author of A Basic Primer on Star Wars for the Legitimately Confused.

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