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During the 1960s and 70s, if you were in Philadelphia and in trouble with the law the word on the street was: All you have to do is hire Bobby Simone and you will win. 

And win he did. 

With a reputation as the best cross and close criminal lawyer anywhere and a track record to match, Simone began attracting not only Philadelphias most talked-about citizens as clients, but people in legal jams all over the country. From the glamorous and infamous Lillian Reis to then reputed mob boss Angelo Bruno, and eventually to his most notorious client ever—alleged La Cosa Nostra head Nicky Scarfo—Simone delivered the acquittals, the reversals and the Get Out of Jail Free cards. 

But along the way, he would learn a fact that would turn the rest of his thirty-five-year career into a walk through a minefield: The government is a sore loser. Whether you decide you love Bobby Simone or hate him, his is one unforgettable story. And it ain't over yet—not by a long shot.


About the Author

Robert F. Simone is known for winning a string of difficult cases for clients that included members of Philadelphias organized-crime family. He currently lives in Philadelphia.

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