Philly Hoops: The Magic of Philadelphia Basketball

The staff of the Philadelphia Daily News

  • Philly Hoops: The Magic of Philadelphia Basketball

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Pages 176 pages with 81 photographs
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ISBN 978-0-940159-80-8
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  • Philly Hoops: The Magic of Philadelphia Basketball
A smooth, tuneful collection, at once lyrical and factual, this is recommended for all collections.
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You’d get in the arena, there was a different feeling, a different air, that passion that the people in Philadelphia have for basketball, period. I have never seen it like that anywhere else.
Maurice Cheeks, Portland Trail Blazers head coach, former Sixers guard

Wilt Chamberlain ... the Big 5 ... the Palestra. The stories of these basketball giants are among many in a city that can boast a basketball history that is second to none. The tradition of Philadelphia basketball is captured in these pages by the award-winning, nationally recognized sports staff of The Philadelphia Daily News.

The Daily News, in words and photos, in style and “attytood,” captures the essence of Philly hoops. From the playgrounds to the high schools, from the Big 5 to the pros, enjoy all the reasons that Philadelphia is “hoops heaven.”

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