• Justice Under the Rubble: The Salvation Army Building Collapse

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On the morning of June 5, 2013, early-bird shoppers and employees at a Philadelphia Salvation Army thrift store were buried alive. The roof of the Salvation Army store buckled with no warning. Those who were lucky escaped. The other thirteen found themselves buried under the rubble.

The disaster led to criminal prosecutions and a lawsuit that resulted in one of the longest trials in Pennsylvania history, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Throughout the process, city officials, lawyers, and the public at large continued to argue about who was most to blame. In Justice under the Rubble, Andrew Stern and George Anastasia tell the moving—and sometimes chilling—story of the pursuit of justice.

About the Authors

Andrew Stern Esq. is one of Philadelphia’s most accomplished trial lawyers. Currently a partner at Kline & Specter, he specializes in malpractice and other substantial personal injury cases. In 2017 he won the largest recovery in Pennsylvania history for one of the victims of the Salvation Army building collapse.

George Anastasia, a former reporter with The Philadelphia Inquirer, is the author of six books of nonfiction, including Blood and Honor, and has won many awards for investigative journalism and magazine writing.

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