An Outlaw in my Heart: A Political Activist's User Manual

Stephen Gaskin

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ISBN 978-0-940159-64-8
Tags Biography/Memoir, Politics
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Stephen Gaskin wants to change America. He wants to restore lost freedoms to every American, to make America a great country in the eyes of other countries and in the eyes of its own citizens. In this volume, Gaskin offers his opinions on such topics as universal health care, gun control, the preservation of prisoners' civil rights, the role of big corporations in our culture, and the legalization of marijuana. If you are familiar with Gaskin's views, you will welcome this compendium of his ideas. If this is your introduction to him, you will find this book to be an invaluable explanation of what is preventing our country from being great—and of how we can help Stephen Gaskin change America for the better.


About the Author

Stephen Gaskin is the founder of the Farm in Tennessee, one of the largest counterculture communities in the world. In 1974, Gaskin founded Plenty International, a relief and development organization, for which he received the first Right Livelihood Award in Sweden. This is his eleventh book.

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