American Lives: The Stories of the Men and Women Lost on September 11

The staff of News Day and Tribune newpapers

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This book is dedicated to the people who were lost on September 11, 2001, in the planes and the Pentagon and the great towers that once dominated the skyline of New York City. They were window-washers and stockbrokers and teachers and television personalities and firefighters and police officers. They were people who danced to salsa beats and did volunteer work and coached Little League and soccer.

Some of them were from families that have lived in the United States for generations. Others came from Africa and Europe and Central America and Asia in search of freedom and new opportunities. They were all remarkable in the framework of their own lives. 

These stories of some of the victims, and a list of all those lost on September 11, were compiled by the staffs of Newsday and other Tribune newspapers.


About the Authors


Within hours after the attacks of September 11, Newsday began assembling the stories of those who were missing and lost. Two days later, these chronicles became a continuing feature in the paper. Eight other Tribune Company newspapers have contributed to American Lives.

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