The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Walking Tours of Historic Philadelphia

Edward Colimore

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Amid the ever-changing landscape of downtown Philadelphia at the start of the 21st century, it can sometimes seem as though much of the history of this venerable city has been lost in the name of progress. But the treasures of the past three centuries are still all around—you just have to know where to look for them. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Walking Tours of Historic Philadelphia leads history buffs on twelve separate walks through neighborhoods where the past remains alive. You’ll visit buildings, streets, gardens and parks, dating from the colonial period to the Victorian era, that still stand as proud testaments to the city’s storied past. 

This guide, with its maps, photographs and extensive index, is arranged to help readers follow a logical path from site to site. It also includes information about which sites can be toured, and about the easiest ways to reach places where the walking tours begin. This is an indispensable resource for visitors to Philadelphia, for residents who want to know more about their city’s past, and for anyone who has an interest in the history of one of our country’s oldest and greatest cities.


About the Author

Edward Colimore is a staff writer and editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer, for which he has written several hundred articles on historic sites in and around Philadelphia.

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