Two Boys: Divided by Fortune--United by Tragedy, a True Story of the Pursuit of Justice

Robert Zausner

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Two Boys is a wonderful book––and an important one––about tragedy, about injustice, and how the legal system, instead of sinking into an endless battle of lawyer egos, sometimes does work the way it should. Robert Zausners writing is clear and incisive. The book reads like a Grisham legal thriller, but with one major difference. Every word of it is true.
H.G. “Buzz Bissinger, author, Friday Night Lights


Two Boys is a compelling account of the power of our court system to provide justice to ordinary Americans. Two families, with the help of devoted and talented lawyers, use the legal system to respond to overwhelming tragedies and to protect the public from corporate negligence and malfeasance. This book offers a powerful rejoinder to those who would seek to close the courthouse doors to such families in the name of “tort reform.
U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Two courageous lawyers go up against a major corporation and a powerful city agency to win justice for two horribly injured boys. Both defendants withheld vital evidence until being forced to come clean. For those biased against trial lawyers … Two Boys should be required reading.

Morris Dees, founder and Chief Trial Counsel, Southern Poverty Law Center


The true story of two very different boys, boys who lived within an hour’s drive of one another other yet existed in completely separate worlds. They had one thing in common––each became the random victim of a terrible tragedy.


About the Author

Robert Zausner is a former journalist with United Press International and The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he covered government and politics. He has won awards for feature writing and investigative reporting. He lives in Moorestown, New Jersey.

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