Other critics nibble at his turf, but LaBan, as the restaurant arbiter for the region's newspaper of record, is the only one approaching make-or-break power ...
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As restaurants continue to flourish in and around Philadelphia, choosing the perfect place for dinner, or even a casual lunch, can pose a challenge. You can find no better guru for discovering the dining treasures of the city and its environs than noted Philadelphia Inquirer restaurant critic Craig LaBan. Whether you crave a “decadent splurge” at Le Bec-Fin, the comfort of a neighborhood gastro-pub that “takes its chicken wings as seriously as its seared tuna” or an Italian BYOB where the ravioli are divine and the table is worth the two-hour wait, this definitive guidebook will satisfy the most discriminating palate.
LaBan presents seventy-six in-depth reviews of favorites, giving mouth-watering menu recommendations and everything else you might want to know (from the quality of the wine list to the chattiness of the staff); plus over 600 capsule reviews of other enticing eateries in the region, with special features on coffee shops, food trucks, retail shopping, the Reading Terminal Market and dining at the Jersey Shore.

Sensuous and authoritative, as the best food writing should be, LaBan’s reviews offer expert advice that is also a pleasure to read. The Philadelphia Inquirer Restaurant Guide is certain to become your constant dining companion.

About the Author

Craig LaBan has been the restaurant critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer since 1998 and has won the James Beard Foundation Award for his restaurant reviews.

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