The Frog/Commissary Cookbook

Steven Poses, Anne Clark, and Becky Roller

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Type Trade paper
Vendor Camino Books
Pages 228
Size 7" x 10.25"
ISBN 978-0-940159-73-0
Tags Cooking/Wine, Philadelphia
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Lighthearted, full of ideas. ... Could inject new life into your dining and entertaining style.
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Inventive, playful food. ... Bright ideas spill out everywhere.

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A little storefront restaurant opened in a downtown neighborhood of Philadelphia in 1973. It was simply named Frog. Out of that little eatery grew a collection of some of Americas most innovative and successful restaurants, including Frog, The Commissary, and a catering operation known as Frog/Commissary Catering. From their founding chef/restaurateur, Steven Poses, and his colleagues Anne Clark and Becky Roller, comes a sumptuous cookbook that brings together hundreds of kitchen-tested recipes, tips, and information about their personal approach to food preparation.

Organized by meal course, the book contains a multitude of creative recipes, adapted for serving at home and reflecting a quixotic, multiethnic blend of foods and ingredients. Full of insider tips on food preparation and service and delightful anecdotes, this bountiful feast of information is also a lavish treat for the eyes, with Becky Rollers wonderful drawings and calligraphy gracing each page. The Frog/Commissary Cookbook is the perfect introduction to a very special culinary world—and the ideal addition to every cook's home library.


About the Authors

Steven Poses runs Frog/Commissary Catering.

Anne Clark is former head baker, test chef and general manager of The Commissary.

Becky Roller, onetime Commissary cashier, was the originator, calligrapher and illustrator of The Commissary Newsletter.

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