Picasso, The Dog They Couldn't Kill: And Other Stories From the Life of an Animal Doctor

Edward J. Scanlon, V.M.D.

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Picasso, The Dog They Couldn’t Kill is a collection of stories from the world of a veterinary doctor. Dr. Edward Scanlon practiced veterinary care in Philadelphia’s exclusive Main Line for decades, and he saw every side of the practice, from the touching and heart-warming to the bizarre and baffling. His clients were some of the richest and most eccentric members of Philadelphia society. Written by the father/daughter duo of Dr. Scanlon and Martha Scanlon Ronemus, the style is both compassionate and wry, encompassing the ups and downs of a daily veterinary practice.

From Birthday Lady, the sweet kitten who was joyfully reunited with her young owner after a serious accident, to the canine companions of philanthropist and ambassador Walter Annenberg, to Picasso, the dog that defied the odds against him several times over, Dr. Scanlon’s patients (and their owners!) surprised him, made him laugh and cry, and always reinforced the value of his work. This poignant collection will touch every animal lover who ventures into the pages of Dr. Scanlon’s veterinary world.


About the Author

A Philadelphia native, Dr. Edward J. Scanlon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1945 and practiced small-animal medicine along Philadelphia’s Main Line. During his career, he was the chief veterinarian at the Pennsylvania SPCA and served on the Pennsylvania State Board of Veterinary Examiners. He now resides in York, Pennsylvania.

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