• Philadelphia: A Railroad History

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Ed Duffy has opened a new perspective on the power of the region’s railroads ... and created a foundation for understanding the whys and hows of the Philadelphia economy. His insights are invaluable, the stories and clashes of the major industrial powers are fascinating, and the light he sheds on the city’s economic history make this an excellent read.
Sam Katz, History Making Productions


Philadelphia: A Railroad History describes the remarkable development of the railroad industry in Philadelphia and the intense competition that pitted the Pennsylvania Railroad against the Reading Railroad, and those two titans against the formidable Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to dominate the regional market. The book details the impact of the rail industry on four local firms—Baldwin Locomotive, the Cramp Shipyard, Midvale Steel and the Budd Company—and on the Philadelphia waterfront and its port. And it concludes with speculation on the impact, challenges and opportunities presented by Conrail’s acquisition by CSX and Norfolk Southern. Philadelphia: A Railroad History also highlights the key roles of the city’s industrial giants during this colorful era, including Steven Girard, Matthias Baldwin, William Sellers, Franklin Gowen, John W. Garrett, George Roberts and Edward G. Budd.


About the Author

Edward W. Duffy is a graduate of La Salle and Temple Universities. He has worked for Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce, its Planning Commission, its Port Corporation, and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation. Edward Duffy’s interest in railroads dates from his role as liaison between the City of Philadelphia and various rail reorganization agencies in the early 1970s that resulted in the creation of Conrail in 1976.

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