Philly Jocks: The Best Philadelphia Pro Athletes of Our Time

Dave Brown with Jody McDonald (foreword)

  • Philly Jocks: The Best Philadelphia Pro Athletes of Our Time

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  • Philly Jocks: The Best Philadelphia Pro Athletes of Our Time
From Norm Van Brocklin and Bobby Clarke to Wilt and Richie Allen, they’re all here.
Bill Campbell, KYW commentator, former broadcaster for the Eagles, Warriors, Sixers and Phillies

As passionate as Philadelphia’s sports fans are, this book is the perfect way to start many discussions, or, dare I say, arguments!

Jim Jackson, Flyers broadcaster, host of Phillies pregame and postgame shows

Philly Jocks is the first book about the best athletes from all four of Philadelphia’s major sports teams—the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers. To compile the list, Brown polled 100 people who are knowledgeable about Philadelphia sports—including broadcasters from local teams, sportswriters from the city and suburban newspapers, sportscasters and anchors from local TV stations, a sports producer, and a sports radio host, Jody McDonald, who wrote the foreword for the book, as well as avid fans—and asked them to submit a list of their top Philly athletes over the last fifty years.

Each of the 100 “chapters” featuring a Philadelphia athlete includes a short biography—enlivened with insightful, sometimes controversial quotes from the experts and fans who participated in the survey—the survey results, the player’s year-by-year regular season statistics (the seasons in Philadelphia are highlighted) and major awards won. Sprinkled throughout the book are sidebars in which the survey participants describe memorable Philadelphia games that they attended.

Philadelphia is renowned for its loyal, passionate and knowledgeable sports fans, who love to read, discuss and argue about the city’s professional teams and athletes. The survey results and quotes will stimulate considerable debate among readers. Any Philadelphia sports fan—from the diehard who watches every game to the casual fan who catches one occasionally—will find this book endlessly entertaining and informative.


About the Author

Dave Brown coauthored two sports trivia books with former Philadelphia professional athletes and contributed articles to Inside Sports magazine for several years. He lives in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, with his wife and children.

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