New Jersey Firsts: The Famous, Infamous, and Quirky of the Garden State

Harry Armstrong and Tom Wilk

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Vendor Camino Books, Inc.
Pages 176 pages with 50 photographs
Size 6" x 7 3/16"
ISBN 978-0-940159-45-7
Tags History, New Jersey
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What do salt water taffy, guide dogs for the blind and golf tees have in common? They all got their start in New Jersey, of course! Now you can learn about the origins of these and hundreds of other products, events and inventions in this entertaining, informative look at a wide spectrum of “firsts” accomplished by New Jersey residents. 

From the development of condensed soup to the first balloon flight, New Jersey Firsts is filled with little-known facts, rare photographs and fascinating stories that will make you realize just how much we all have to thank New Jersey for!


About the Author

Harry Armstrong is the president of Hudson Briarhill Enterprises, Inc., which publishes The Golden Times newspapers.

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