• Blood and Honor: Inside the Scarfo Mob--The Mafia's Most Violent Family

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Forget about it! This is the best gangster book ever written.
Jimmy Breslin

The best mob book ever.
Penthouse Magazine


Here is the critically acclaimed inside story, now in an expanded edition, about the rise and fall of Philadelphia's notorious Scarfo organization. Blunt and unsparing, it is a firsthand account of murder, money and corruption told by wiseguy-turned-witness Nick Caramandi, whose testimony put Nicky Scarfo and many of his associates behind bars for the rest of their lives. A prime target for hit men to this day, Caramandi continues to survive only through the government's Witness Protection Program. 

In this updated edition of Blood and Honor, author George Anastasia picks up the story where he left off, filling us in on the fates of all the characters—major and minor—in recent years.


About the Author

George Anastasia, a former reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, is the author of five books of nonfiction. Four of these, including Mobfather, are about the Philadelphia mob. He has won many awards for investigative journalism and magazine writing.


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