Love, Murder, and Corruption in Lancaster County: My Story

Lisa Michelle Lambert and David Brown with Dr. Cyril Wecht (foreword)

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Tags Biography/Memoir, Lancaster, Law, True Crime
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Lisa Michelle Lambert has spent the majority of her life behind bars for the murder of Laurie Show — a murder that judges and lawyers alike insist she did not commit. What began as a vicious prank orchestrated by Lawrence Yunkin and Tabitha Buck against Show became the start of what Lambert calls her lifelong “nightmare”: a corrupt justice system fabricating evidence against her at the age of 19; the testimony of her abusive boyfriend and rapist Yunkin against her own; sexual, psychological, and physical abuse from members of the prison-industrial complex. Love, Murder, and Corruption in Lancaster County: My Story — the first account of Lambert’s tragedy-strewn life in her own words — reveals what the press ignored in the much-publicized murder case of 1991.

Supported by commentary on the failings of the judicial system by long-time lawyer David Brown, Lambert’s gripping prose tracks the escalating violence of her fraught relationship with Yunkin, her efforts to protect her unborn child in the weeks preceding the murder, and the repeated mistrials in the initial court case that remain unrecognized decades later. While punctuated by high points — the birth of Lambert’s daughter Kirsten, a brief recognition of Lambert’s innocence in 1997, her graduation from the Boston University prison program at the top of her class — Love, Murder, and Corruption is first and foremost a heartbreaking account of years of unserved justice. The book is an impassioned plea from a woman serving a life sentence for a crime she did not commit; it is a true-crime narrative that shouldn’t be missed.


About the authors

Lisa Michelle Lambert, then a 19-year-old in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was convicted in 1992 of the December 19, 1991 murder of 16-year-old Laurie Show. She received a life sentence, and except for a brief reprieve in 1997-98, has been incarcerated since, serving time in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Massachusetts. While at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Framingham, Lisa obtained her bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Boston University in 2011, finishing as the valedictorian of her prison class. She has steadfastly maintained her innocence.

David Brown, a Philadelphia attorney who lives with his wife and children in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, is the author of four previous books.

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